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Collection Contest Event!

Collection Contest of Pokemon Munchlax is
up, Collect as many Munchlax and get a rare bonus promo FREE Eternal Munchlax.

Ends soon!

News & updates
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Pokemon trainer CruZ
Hey Reborn Players,
Sorry for the delay in announcements.

But now claim your prize from Secret Santa, a new special event of Pokemon treasure is introduced and also if you didn't really noticed Santa's Shop is up aswell.

These events will up until 31st December.
Good Luck and Merry Christmas!
Pokemon trainer CruZ
Collection Contest has been started and the collection of Pokemon - Munchlax ends after 20 days. Winning Prize is Eternal Munchlax.
Good Luck!

Few Updates-
Game layout updated, The menus are more responsive.
Forum layout redesigned.
Clan Reward (Specific Swap) - Pokemon ->
Drownzee, Tauros, Mareep, Meditite, Munna, Sandile, Klefki added & Munchlax, Mr. Mime are removed from the swap.

We are also planning to add a wiki section and recreate the game layout. I need your suggestion over here https://pkmnreborn.com/forums/viewthread.php?id=203
Pokemon trainer CruZ
Staff Promotion!
Forum Moderator -
Ashperdue & Danovlowsima
Chat Moderator -
Phoenix, Doctorblaze & Zeref

Halloween Event ends on 7th November.
For more info. regarding event refer https://pkmnreborn.com/forums/viewthread.php?id=172

Updates :-
Event Candies bug in Battle is fixed.
We are recording user activities on this game, So they can be rewarded as per their game-play duration. This might result in slower server response but it will be fixed soon.
Witch Shop pokemons will be updated in next 24 hours.
Thank you!
Pokemon trainer CruZ
Hey Reborn Trainers,

Announcements -
Pokemon Reborn Contest #6 has ended. Congratulations to the winners and the prizes has be transferred to your account.
The game community has reached more than 5,600 trainers.
As the RPG is growing rapidly we have opened the Staff Application's again for the Chatroom Moderator. You can apply here -> https://pkmnreborn.com/forums/viewthread.php?id=165

Also, we are working on the all new game layout which will be released soon & I request you to help us regarding the MAP QUEST Mode.

Few Updates -
Maps tiles has been updated.
Now you will return to the position of the map from where the wild battle started.
*The complete map user movement system has been replaced. It has been made more realistic and will give you the feel of Gameboy on Web-Browser.
500 Server Error issue is fixed.
Terms and Conditions are updated, Kindly read them!
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