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Pokemon Dusk Online RPG Game!

Pokemon Dusk Reborn Online RPG is a free to play
Pokemon MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game)
where you explore mysterious areas and maps, hunt for rare Pokémon and
battle alongside your friends.

Gotta catch em' all!

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Hey, it's Halloween!

Are you ready for a spooky halloween event? The old witch is back to bring chills and creeps down your spine.

Now is your chance to gain some rare Pokemon for your candies from witch shop, but don't let your guard down!

Watch your cash pile and stock of candies, as it might dimmer. You can trick or treat other trainers via their profile pages.

You may also receive candies by visiting the old witch house, if you have some specific items and are at the specified location or battle NPCs.

Exclusive promo Golden Zekrom and Haunted Espeon with shop bonus promo as Glitter Darkrai.

Upcoming event,

Haunted Chest containing trapped spooky pokemons.
Witch Shop candy pokemon.
Collection contest.
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The server issue is now fixed and due to the inconvenience, we have increased the Exp Bonus to 4x for a limited time.
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Hello , I am delighted to announce that today is Pokemon Dusk Reborn's 6th anniversary 🎉
Congratulations, I am very grateful to every player for loving this game and helping us reach this milestone with a whooping 52k+ total players.

On this occasion, we have some events and updates,

3x Bonus EXP event for the limited time with an exclusive promo Frost Articuno and Haunted Tapu Fini.

The chances of receiving colored rare from Treasure boxes are increased from 40% to 50%. (Ref: https://pkmnreborn.com/shop.php for more info.)

A special 50% discount on all purchases in the Shop now.

We have reverted the battle balancing exp update, and now the exponential doesn't decrease with the increase of pokemon levels. Instead, the battle becomes slightly harder as you level up. Training should be fun again!

Generation 7 & 8 pokemon are now available all over the game. (As starters, maps, promo, random swap, etc)
Happy Easter to fellow Pokemon trainers!! 🐰
Our little Buneary’s event is now LIVE. For every 60 minutes of playtime you can claim an Easter event chest. These chest can be opened using Easter event keys (limited stock).

The Easter event chest contains,
Glitter Larvitar
Glitter Minun
Glitter Plusle
Shadow Exeggcute
Golden Marill
???- 2x rare legendary

Special 30% off on all purchases with Bonus Shop Promo as Eternal Yveltal.

Collection Contest - Larvitar is up, collect and submit as many pokemons to receive the exciting prizes.

Item Marketplace is available now, where users can list their items for coins. Similar to Pokemon Marketplace. (_few more game updates_)

Legendary Game Promo - Shadow Kyogre & Haunted Darkrai.
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3X EXP Event is LIVE till the end of the weekend, Don't miss out the Bonus 2x EXP Sunday and the legendary bird promo - Eternal Zapdos. *exp stacks*
After several reports, It has come to my notice that multiple accounts are created by some users to take unfair advantage over promo center and game center.

As per today, I’m implementing the rule where no user will be allowed to have more than 3 accounts (including coin and pokemon storage accounts or your brother’s/ granny’s account). Claiming more than 3 promos or entering raffle from more than 3 accounts will be ban-able offence, any staff has rights to ban your multi accounts. If contacted by any staff, kindly declare the name of your 3 accounts.
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Few more updates:
Pokemon moves update: All the pokemon can use all the moves now except TMs. They are not type/species dependent anymore.

Map update: Item finder/ Dowsing Machine has been fixed in the map, you have to equip them in handheld and then may encounter common items (berries, shards/etc) rare items (lucky egg/etc) and some coins to pick in every maps. More than 15 items which are currently not in game circulation will be spawned.

Auction house update: It has been updated and revised, the auction fee is reduced and now you can auction upto 3 pokemon. Another option to add pokemon for 4 days has been added as well.
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Event ends at 12:00 am, 5th Feb 2020 GMT.
A little late but finally we are here! ✨
A very Happy New Year to all the Pokemon lovers, tonight I am happy to announce few updates.
Christmas Xmas shop is now open and Secret santa rewards can now be collected.
As a token of appreciation for patience and support in such hard time, I have gifted a treasure box to every user. Log in to claim yours! (Treasure box are exclusive and will be limited from Shop Now! )
Another major update is the increase in maximum level cap to 150k with Mega pokemon exception (160k). Now the difficulty to train will gradually increase as the level of pokemon goes higher, I believe this will spice up the competitiveness and fun in pokemon levelling.
Some UI aesthetic updated and pokedex has been updated.
Promos updated:
Shop bonus promo - Demon Moltres
Premium pack promo - Glitter Dialga
Game promo - Eternal Moltres
Game promo - Haunted MegaBlaziken
8 2 1
The 2 Promo Codes are: valid for 1 week
XMAS2021 - 2,500 coins + 5 Gems, NY2022 - 5,000 battle points + 5 Gems. Winners for my premium contest have also been released. Prizes will be manually given out by CruZ when next available
Happy New Year everyone! 2 Promo codes will be released tomorrow for New Years and Christmas. Thanks for being a part of this community. 😁
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🎅 Merry Christmas everyone, Event is LIVE! Don't forget to claim your advent calendar reward and secret santa.
Halloween Witch Shop is now released. 2 new legendary promo - Demon Darkrai and Golden Shaymin. Also, congratulations on 50k trainers, it was a big milestone for us to achieve. Contest - https://pkmnreborn.com/forums/viewthread.php?id=502 Thank you for supporting and playing RPG, we love you all.
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Battle NPC Elite Trainer page updated, New trainers added with pokemon upto 3. Changes in existing trainers, one of them is that I've removed the Fly and Toxic attack from Dark Trainer's Mews. It is everyone's responsibility to try to make the Pokemon Dusk Reborn community a friendly and
inviting place to compete.
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A very happy 5th anniversary! Today on this day, 5 years ago Pokemon Dusk Reborn was released and received such immense love and support from its community. Thank you everyone for being part of this amazing online gaming experience.

As a token of love, every user has been granted a Treasure Box. 2 new legendary pokemon Promo for a limited time. Also, there has been some delay in the Battlepass event, as we want you to experience the best expect it anytime soon!
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Pokemon Dusk Reborn online game also known as pkmnreborn. It is an online Pokemon games (MMORPG).

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