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Pokemon Dusk Reborn - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) - if any of your questions are not answered please PM staff or try going to Chatroom/Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) Questions/Answers

Where do I get Pokemon?

You can obtain Pokemon in many ways, from maps, trading, buy/sell, contests (forums/chatroom), games corner, promos, holiday events etc.

Why do Pokemon have the ability to learn any moves?

Before I released the game, Pokemon could only learn moves of their own types, just like the real games.
However, after some research, most of the players preferred having Pokemon learning any moves they desire.
Why? Because otherwise it would limit the gameplay a lot. This feature may be changed if most of the players change their minds.

Where do I access my box?

In the Your Pokemon Box page near the main menu.

How do I evolve my Pokemon?

Set your desired Pokemon to slot 1 from your Pokemon Box. There you can find the Evolve Your Pokemon button near the top menu.

How do I trade?

There are many ways to trade, through the buy page, auction house, and creating/completing trades with other players.
You may find making trades easier by checking out the chatroom or the forums.

Where do I get items like Mega Stone?

Your can buy items from the Shops in game, find it in maps using Item Finder or play the minigames and win them as reward. Ex - Haunted Ground [Lucky Dip].
Go to Dark Alley under Explore from the town for mega stone, You'll need 6.5k coins & 10,000 clan credits to purchase it.

Why is it that I can't trade some pokemon?

There is a maximum level trading cap. That is Calculated as 2999 + 1/2 of your EXP gained.
The trade cap will be a minimum of level 3000.

The chatroom is slowing down my computer.

Refresh the chatroom (or close the chatroom and open it again). Your computer has probably just loaded too many text or Open Discord.

Why is it so slow all of a sudden?

Like last time, there could be a sudden amount of players online - possibly due to holiday events or updates, or I could just be downloading my usual backup of my site at a random time.

What browser do you recommend me using?

Any, this game is designed for almost any reputable browser. However Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox is the fastest browser in my opinion, which can be downloaded here.
For Android/Windows Phone users , We recommend using UC Browser !

Can you do more updates?

Yes, you can help this by posting a few suggestions in the forums or bumping suggestions you like. Just don't PM 'CruZ' the ideas.
There is a shortage of quality suggestions, so please take your time to make your ideas good and post a few suggestions from time to time.

Can I receive constant notification about Reborn updates.

Yes, you can join us on Discord or like us on Facebook.
Also, every month a promo of Pokemon Dusk Reborn is released which is view able at Discord.

Can I be staff?

Unless you really specialize in spriting pokemon, there are a few tips for a better chance of becoming staff:
  • Be helpful, do things that makes Pokemon Reborn a better place.
  • Try get a good reputation around players, get a good forum rating (without asking for these) to show that you are good.
  • Show that you are active, especially in the forums.
  • Never break the rules, show hatred towards another player or flame/fight back.
  • Asking a few times might be all right, but constantly begging to become staff will greatly reduce your chances of becoming one.
  • If you are recommended by multiple staff and meet all of the following requirements above, you have a good chance of becoming staff.
  • I am looking for professional GFX/spriters, photoshop is recommended.

Who is Reborn Bot?

Reborn Bot is a bot created by CruZ in order to maintain order in Pokemon Reborn .
It's not a human, so it's able to be online 24/7 in order to make sure the game runs smoothly by detecting glitches, banning botters/cheaters and reporting any problems to CruZ. This bot was created with consideration, it's no ordinary bot. This bot can understand human language, moderate the chatrooms 24/7, just hit Reborn Bot with a PM if you want a try. Here is a short list of commands you can tell Reborn Bot in the chatrooms:
Command What it does
Message DB - Help! Finds out the latest Tutorial/Guides and reply you with its link.

Do staff get extra benefits?

Nope, unless in rare occurrences where I have requested them to do a massive favour such as move 5,000 forum threads.
Other than that, not really.

There is a site promising me Pokemon Reborn cheats if I give in my password? Is this real?

Nope this is not, most of the scammers send you their websites that look like Pokemon Reborn or has a page asking for your password in return for cheats.
These are obviously fake and the scammer will steal your password. This form of scamming is mostly seen in PMs, if you see one please immediately PM a member of staff or 'CruZ' (recommended).
From there I can take legal action & report to the local enforcement agencies to stop this from happening again.

What types of Pokemon are available?

There are currently eight types of pokemon in the game excluding normal. As shown below.
Normal Shiny Haunted Frost Shadow
Glitter Eternal Golden Demon

Is having multiple accounts allowed?

You are limited to having a few (about two or three) accounts, having too many is against the rules.

How do I unlock extra userbars?

You can do this by clicking on here. It's located somewhere in your account settings.

Why's this site so slow?

If the site is very slow for you all the time, I recommend you block the images that you see in this website.
A lot of the game will be recoded and will be 50-80%. It could also be due to high server load, e.g. In Pokemon Reborn events (such as the Christmas Event this year), etc.

What happens when an account is banned?

The players who are suspected of breaking rules are banned, they are no longer allowed to play the game. Although they can appeal in forums and request for an unban.
It can also be used upon request and a variety of reasons, e.g. a player is going on holiday and wants their account safe.

I was supposed to be the winner of a minigame? What happened?

If you drew with at least one other person, only one of these people will be randomly selected to be the winner.

I found a error/glitch! What should I do?

Please post it in the forums, if it's a serious glitch (e.g. unlimited money), then please PM 'CruZ' with the appropriate title.

When was this game released?

This game was released to the public on the 28th of April, 2014 as Pokemon Dusk and later launched under the name of Pokemon Dusk Reborn version under different ownership on 13th of September, 2016.

I got scammed! What can I do?

PM the admin or staff ASAP, unfortunately due to the number of players being scammed, sometimes you won't be able recieve your pokemon back.
To avoid this in the future, use your common sense and ignore sites promising you cheats in exchange for your username and password.
Also don't do deals in Skype, Facebook, Discord - or at least verify this through PMs (they get deleted after 2 months), and also take all screenshots off-shore.

How do I find certain text on a page?

While holding CTRL, press F. CTRL + F allows you to search a specific string of text through a page.
On the Apple MAC computers it is COMMAND + F instead of CTRL + F.

My question isn't answered here.

Feel free to PM any staff of this Game - Staff List. If all staff are offline , Go to Chatroom and get your query answered by any other RPG member.