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Some suggestions

November 10, 2016 3:06:03pm (This post was last modified: November 10, 2016 3:06:30pm by Origin.)
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Some suggestions
I tried submitting it on the forums but the forums is really buggy, spacing was set as /r/n/r/ so this is the only way for it to make sense.
It would be best that, if any of the suggestions are to your liking, be placed as a poll for players to choose whether or not it is to be added.
Level 5 Pokemon -
You should be able to receive them from Maps or Clan Rewards (Specific and Random), while still having the ability to toggle on and off if you want unbased and based Pokemon.

Coloured Starters –
Considering we already have a shiny Pokemon Shop and at the bottom of the Games Corner it has a Starters Section, would be nice if there were some to buy.
I already know we have BP ones, but yeah would be nice to have a set amount of coloured pokemon to buy with coins (cost maybe like 15k - 25k ea?)

This has been done by other games before when it comes to referring, but it would be good if the referral rewards was something like this:
10 Players - A Coloured Pokemon
25 Players - 500 Coins and a Coloured Pokemon
50 Players - 750 Coins and a Coloured Pokemon
100 Players - 1,250 Coins, 2 Coloured Pokemon and a Referral Rank
Pokemon Mystery Box - No ones gonna like this idea lol.
if you've Played CoD Zombies, CS:GO, LoL then you'd know what it's like to receive a random item from a box, in this case Pokemon
Shiny Pokemon Box - Contains a random Shiny pokemon - Costs 300 Coins
Coloured Pokemon Boxes –
Shadow Box - Costs 5,000 Coins (Excludes, ShadowMew,Darkrai,Gyarados,Magikarp)
Haunted Box - Costs 2,750 Coins
Eternal Box - Costs 3,500 Coins (Excludes, EternalMegaMewtwo,Giratina,MegaCharizard)
Frost Box - 4,500 Coins (Excludes, FrostMew)
Demon Box - 5,000 Coins
Glitter Box - 5,000 Coins (Excludes GlitterGolett)
Golden Box - 2,750 Coins (Excludes GoldenNinetails,Vulpix,Rayquaza)
Cost for price is to be 1.5x -2x more than the highest in rate list that is not considered a rare so that the rates do not just drop.

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November 11, 2016 6:38:29am
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Suggestion 1 (Forum Bug) - I will let CruZ know of this error, as I have also encountered the errors

Suggestion 2 (Maps) I like the suggestion, but maybe just level 5s

Suggestion 3 (Coloured Starters) Really good idea, but adds too many pokemon into the game.'

Suggestion 4 (Referrals) Not a bad suggestion, but coins should be enough.

Suggestion 5 (Mystery Boxes) Kinda like suggestion 3 where it will add more colored and ruin rates.

I like the suggestions - 6/10 :)

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November 11, 2016 7:05:41am
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I agree that it can ruin the rate, but however take in mind that the pricing for the mystery boxes should be 1.5x - 2x more than the highest in rate list, so that even if you did get the best possible one at the time, it would still feel like overpaying. Of course to stop this from being abused in the future by those with hundreds of thousands of coins, it should have a buy cap such as 1 or 2 times a day. :)
Thanks for the response.

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