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Celebae Pokemon Loans
February 25, 2021 12:32:44am
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Celebae Pokemon Loans
I am willing to loan out my high level Pokemons for coins/shiny/colored. Note that if not paying with coins, prices will be slightly higher. Keep in mind that it isn't possible for me to loan out level 100,000 due to game coding restrictions. Most of my stuff has toxic already, and some have recover. If you need the Pokemon to have Toxic and/or recover please let me know prior to sending the trade!

Prices are currently 1,000 coins per 24h, I usually give a bit of extra time! Please do not ask for shorter loans than 24h unless you are paying full price

Current list of Pokemon for loan:

Golurk: Level 76,987 ** Toxic **
Golett: Level 76,531 ** Toxic **
Golurk: Level 75,938 ** Toxic **
Golurk: Level 75,196 ** Toxic **
HauntedGiratina: Level 75,187 **Toxic/Recover**
HauntedGiratina: Level 75,086 **Toxic/Fly**
HauntedBanette: Level 75,054 ** Toxic/Recover **
Dusknoir: Level 75,033 **Toxic/Recover **
HauntedGiratina: Level 75,016 **No toxic/recover**
DemonAegislash: Level 68,097 **Toxic**
EternalZoroark: Level 40,962 **No toxix/recover**
Golett:Level 40,342 **Toxic**
EternalGolurk: Level 25,018 **Toxic**
Dusclops: Level 20,100 **Toxic/Recover**
GlitterHonedge:Level 4,237 **Toxic**

If your trainer level is not high enough to loan level 75,000, I am willing to loan whatever the highest level you can loan is for free so that you are able to loan level 75,000 ASAP :)

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March 20, 2021 9:32:56am
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There is now 5 level 99,998 Pokemon that can be loaned out. Shoot me a PM if interested

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April 04, 2021 10:40:58am
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emojiwow so many high level Pokemon's emojiemojiemojiemoji

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