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Pokemon Battle Update

October 07, 2016 12:04:34pm (This post was last modified: March 04, 2017 7:39:34am by CruZ.)
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Pokemon Battle Update
Hello Reborn Trainer,

There is a major battle update and alot of new updates,

The 2x Exp event has been started and will remain in the game for some time.

While increasing the normal exp to 2x exp, I found out that the game battle was not using your Pokemon Base Stats such as Attack, Defense and Speed.
So, the part of battle where attack damage and defense is, has been recoded and the battle moves are also balanced.

Another major update,
What special is with your colored pokemons, not only they look better but now the have battle benefits as well.
The battle buff is as follows -

Shiny Pokemons has 5% extra attack damage.
Shadow Pokemons has 15% extra attack damage.
Demon Pokemons has 10% extra defense.
Golden Pokemons has 15% extra defense.
Haunted Pokemons has 10% extra hp.
Frost Pokemons has 15% extra hp.
Eternal Pokemons provides 10% extra exp.
Glitter Pokemons provides 12% extra exp.
Baby Pokemons provides 15% extra exp.

Some other updates are,
Trainer level status bar has been added again in rightmenu.
Big pokemon images has been replaced by small pokemon icons in Past Promo page.
Login / Register has been made 100% responsive.
Referral System prize has been increased.

Upcoming update is Halloween Event,feel free to suggest some more ideas.

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