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Read before appealing for ADVERTISEMENT
October 03, 2016 12:52:41pm (This post was last modified: October 03, 2016 12:54:32pm by EnchantedxD.)
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Read before appealing for ADVERTISEMENT

Hi all,

So just recently, there has been a few people advertising smaller rpgs. As of now that stops. Anyone found advertising other POKEMON RPGS will be banned without warning and that ban can range from 1 week to a Perm Ban.

If you were banned for advertisement, make sure to include which RPG you advertised and how you advertised it. ( In Pms, Chat etc. ) However, if you stated a VERY popular rpg you will be unbanned. However, if you state the rpg more than once you, will be banned, no matter what. If you advertised with a referral link, don't bother even appealing, your appeal will be denied and closed.

You may only appeal once per month.

Make sure to explain why you were banned and apologizing may get you unbanned.

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