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New Rate List!

January 20, 2019 9:19:08pm (This post was last modified: March 19, 2019 2:34:03am by BlackIce.)
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New Rate List!
NOTE: These are subject to change! if you have a question or problem with the rate list please message me in the game.

Advice: Also hold Ctrl and F to search for the pokemon your looking for.

Rate: Every promo i am saying here will only be that price if it's Lv.5

HauntedAbomasnow: N/A
HauntedAbsol: N/A
HauntedAggron: N/A
HauntedArbok: N/A
HauntedAron: 1,750 Coins
HauntedBanette: N/A
HauntedButterfree: N/A
HauntedCaterpie: 1,250 Coins
HauntedCelebi: 1,500 Coins
HauntedCharizard: N/A
HauntedCharmeleon: N/A
HauntedCharmander: 1,550 Coins
HauntedChimchar: 1,500 Coins
HauntedCobalion: 25,000 Coins
HauntedCranidos: 2,450 Coins
HauntedCrustle: N/A
HauntedCubone: 750 Coins
HauntedDelphox: N/A
HauntedDewott: N/A
HauntedDialga: 30,000 Coins
HauntedDratini N/A
HauntedDrifblim: N/A
HauntedDrifloon: 1,000 Coins
HauntedEevee: 1,000 Coins
HauntedEkans: 2,100 Coins
HauntedEntei: N/A
HauntedFarfetchd: 750 Coins
HauntedGastly: 1,150 Coins
HauntedGengar: N/A
HauntedGlaceon: 1,500 Coins
HauntedGolduck: N/A
HauntedGyarados: N/A
HauntedHeracross: 1,250 Coins
HauntedHitmonlee: 1,100 Coins
HauntedHoundour: 900 Coins
HauntedInfernape: N/A
HauntedJirachi: N/A
HauntedKeldeo: 1,050 Coins
HauntedKyurem: N/A
HauntedLapras: 1,500 Coins
HauntedLarvitar: 1,150 Coins
HauntedLitleo: 2,250 Coins
HauntedLucario: N/A
HauntedLuxio: N/A
HauntedMagikarp: 850 Coins
HauntedMareep: N/A
HauntedMarowak: N/A
HauntedMarshadow: N/A
HauntedMedicham: N/A
HauntedMeditite: 1,150 Coins
HauntedMeloetta: N/A
HauntedMesprit:1,000 Coins
HauntedMisdreavus: N/A
HauntedMonferno: N/A
HauntedNidoKing: N/A
HauntedNidoranM: 1,250 Coins
HauntedOshawott: 1,500 Coins
HauntedPichu: 3,500 Coins
HauntedPidgeotto: N/A
HauntedPikachu: 3,750 Coins
HauntedPinsir: N/A
HauntedPsyduck: 2,150 Coins
HauntedPupitar: N/A
HauntedPyroar: N/A
HauntedRaichu: N/A
HauntedRaikou:1,750 Coins
HauntedRampardos: N/A
HauntedRayquaza: N/A
HauntedRegice: 2,750 Coins
HauntedRegigigas: N/A
HauntedSamurott: N/A
HauntedSawk: N/A
HauntedSawsbuck: 850 Coins
HauntedScizor: N/A
HauntedScraggy: N/A
HauntedScyther: 1,250 Coins
HauntedSerperior: N/A
HauntedServine: N/A
HauntedShuppet: N/A
HauntedSimisage: N/A
HauntedSnivy: 950 Coins
HauntedSnover: N/A
HauntedTyranitar: N/A
HauntedTyrogue: 3,250 Coins
HauntedVulpix: 1,150 Coins
HauntedWeezing: N/A
HauntedZoroark: N/A
HauntedZorua: 850 Coins
HauntedPalkia: 5,950 Coins
HauntedSquirtle: 750 Coins

EternalAbsol: 1,150 Coins
EternalCharizard: N/A
EternalCharmeleon: N/A
EternalCyndaquilL 850 Coins
EternalDarkrai: 2,550 Coins
EternalDelibird: 32,450 Coins
EternalDusclops: N/A
EternalDuskull: 1,750 Coins
EternalEntei: 2,850 Coins
EternalFlareon: N/A
EternalGastly: 2,450 Coins
EternalGenesect: 70,000 Coin
EternalAnorith: 1,250 Coin


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