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The official Rpg Guide
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The official Rpg Guide
October 02, 2016 11:09:18am (This post was last modified: October 02, 2016 11:56:55am by CruZ.)
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The official Rpg Guide
Good day,members of Reborn RPG. I am Psychicinfinity here,bringing you a guide to the rpg's mechanics.

How to train ?

Beginners Level:

1. Get a Pokemon
2. Teach it the moves: Thunder
3. Go to Battle npc's by your shortcut menu on the left hand side of your game
4. Battle The Swimmer Richard trainer. Link is as follows:

Intermediate level:

1. Get the tm Toxic from either the Mart Co. (under explore) Or from the battle points shop (under explore - other shops)
2. Teach it to your slot 1 pokemon - Go to your box (shortcut) -> Change Moves
3. Pokemon that should be given the tm: Golett/Golurk (you can get one from random swap)
4. Go to Battle - Training accounts and battle the Mysterious trainer (Trainer with mew)

How to get coins ?

1. Haunted Grounds - dusknoir (accessible from your town under explore)
2. 50/50 game - chance to win OR lose coins
3. Hitdown - resets every 6 hours. big prizes to be won

How to get Special Coloured Pokemon ?

1. Contests on Reborn's Official facebook page (
2. Promo Center - located on your right hand side (Requires coins)
3. Auction House - Under shortcut (requires coins)

How to get battlepoints ?

1. Battle any opponent and win,you shall be given a set of battle points. 1-3 per pokemon defeated

How to know the rate of a pokemon ?

1. Follow this link -

I hope this helped you find what you were looking for. If you have any further questions that were left unanswered in this guide,please contact any staff member for assistance.
Thank you for your time

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