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Suggestions for clan

March 28, 2018 9:27:20pm
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Suggestions for clan
Hello :) I will be presenting suggestions for the clan.

1. Clan Loaning Center
- If there can be a place where a clan member can loan from. The owner of the pokemon will put it in the loaning center, it is for the clan owner to decide how long can clan members loan the pokemon will be it for an hour or two. Then by the time the loan time is finished, the pokemon will automatically return to the clan's loaning center, or maybe be manually returned by the clan owner. The owner of that pokemon can remove the pokemon from the loaning center if they wish to. (Idea from Origin).

2. Clan Gradient (If the clan has one) on Profile
- It would be nice to see your clan name glow on your profile beside your username so that everyone looking at your clan can see which clan you belong and its beautiful colorful name. :D

3. Clan Shop
- A shop inside the clan where clan members can sell their items and buy items. which in return will be donated to the clan's funds or to the seller. It can be limited to just pokeballs or including normal pokemons and colored pokemons.

4. Clan Acronyms
- It would be nice to see a clan Acronym on your name and also the as in the chatroom, so that people will know which clan you belong and who are your own clan members. The acronym can be set by the clan owner which has the capacity of maybe 6-8 characters. An example would be:
GUARDIAN SENTINELS [GRDN] or simply [Guardians].

5. Own Clan Chat and Forum
- I know the Clan forums are being made :) but what if there can be a clan chat where clan members can talk to each other, Ofcourse the mods and chat mods can enter the chat and check for themselves, or each clan can assign their own chat moderator in the clan chat while also giving the chat mods the ability to check the chatroom. It can also be where chat mods can ban but can't talk or type inside the chatroom (Or maybe they can) :)

I will be thinking of more suggestions for the clan to make the clan more fun XD Hope you like my suggestions, All critics are welcome for it can help improve my suggestions :) Thank you :D

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March 29, 2018 11:38:09pm
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i like the idea of the clan loaning centre and the shop. they sound good to be implicated

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