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How tf do you beat dark trainer?!???

January 07, 2018 8:25:43pm
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How tf do you beat dark trainer?!???
So for all of you who don't know, Dark trainer is the best training option in dusk. Dark trainer has 6 pokemon. Mew, Mewtwo, Shiny Mew, Glitter Mew, Frost Mew and Golden Mew. All of the Mew/Mewtwo are the same level, 10x the level of the highest pokemon in your party. E.g. If you have a lvl 10k golurk in your team but a lvl 20K in your box, Dark Trainers pokemon will all be lvl 100k. The reason it may be hard is because of Mew's Hp. The Hp of Mew is ginormous and with the recent battle update( Higher lvl pokemon do more damage to lower level pokemon and lower level pokemon do less damage to higher level pokemon), just spamming a move will take forever. The best team to bring is Golurk/Golett x6( all Preferably high leveled at same level like 5k and with toxic and fly). This is the best team to beat Darktrainer with. Now for the break down. The first mew will use all normal and fighting moves. The reason to bring high level golurks is because for some reason, normal type moves such as hyperbeam and self-destruct will deal a little damage. Poison the first mew with toxic or sludge if you dont have toxic. Then just spam fly until it dies in 10 turns (Toxic takes out 10% hp per turn). Repeat the same thing with mewtwo. He also has no moves that will deal significant damage to golurk. Now for shiny mew. He has one move that will will give you a little trouble, water gun, which will 1 Hit Ko your pokemon. Just do the same as mew and mewtwo. if he kills you, just restart the battle. For Glitter mew, he has no moves that 1 Hit Ko you. Just toxic and recover which can be cumbersome. Repeat what you have done for the past three pokemon, toxic and spamming fly, until you kill it. You want to have 3-4 golurks still alive after this. Frost mew is the same as glitter mew, knows toxic and recover and no 1 Hit KO moves. You want to have at least one golurk alive that is not poisoned and knows toxic/sludge alive after frost mew. Golden mew is like the icing on the cake, super easy. All golden mew knows is Recover, Hyperbeam, Double kick and Mega kick. No dangerous moves for golurk. Just spam toxic/sludge until it dies.

Viola! You should get a message like this after you beat Dark Trainer;

Foe Dark Trainer's GoldenMew fainted.

GifBot defeated Dark Trainer!

You recieved 15,074 experience points and $3,150!
You also received 2 battle points
You've received an event coin.
and 1 event coin.

Congratulations,You got 1 Fossil!

No pokemon in your party gained any experience due to EXP. Lock.

I used EXp lock to keep my golurks at the same level for consistant farming of Fossils. Fossils can be used to craft eggs, Ancient and Mega I believe.

Toxic can be bought from dep.Store for 4.5k coins and $75M.
Fly can be taught by beating zapmolcuno (Will make a guide for this later). If you dont know how, i can teach your pokemon Fly for 50 coins/pokemon. Beware though make sure your pokemon has no important moves on it as fly will replac all of its moves if it beats Zapmolcuno.
For getting golurks, you can get them via Clan rewards and training can be done by Doctor Blaze.

Guide still works as of 1/7/18. If you have a question or problem, send me a PM at GifBot.

Hope this helps, Peace guys! My fingers are killing me rn. Cya.

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June 07, 2018 3:26:27pm
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You could use a Pecha Scarf on a poke to be immune to toxic. Or a Pecha berry, Antidote - which is a basically for single use - can be used to get a Pokemon relieved of poison

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