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Suggestions for CruZ
November 30, 2017 6:05:06am
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Suggestions for CruZ
This rpg has quite a bit of potential but some work needs to be done for sure and I’ll list some things out
1)there are far too many coins in this game for it to have just started out,so I suggest updating the prices for donations and hitdown time should be 360 minutes(6 hours) instead of 180 minutes(3 hours)
2)Also for “online players” to see the players who are actively moving,you should make it 5 or 10 minutes not every 30 because it’s quite confusing
3)Should update staff because I can count on 1 and a half of my hands of staff that barely play or pay any attention to the game or don’t want to/need to be staff anymore
4)make training a little bit harder Bc I’ve found glitches within the game that would enable me to surpass barkingdogem9 if I truly felt the need to train and grinded this gams
5)A good way to have an active hold contests(not too many) so that newer players have a passion to want to continue to play the game instead of making and account and forgetting the rpg,so you should make an account full of stuff that every higher up staff member has access to so that they can hold easy contests to keep the site active
6)should implement a way to turn of the moving sprites just in case of people’s eyes who don’t adjust that way/people who just flat out don’t like it(like me)
7)I also know of a sort of fun game that could be used for contests that would be held every Friday night at 7:30pm(for example) so that people have a reason to get on
Thanks if anyone gets the chance to read this over,pls do give me feedback

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