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rate list!!!!!

September 23, 2017 1:19:14pm (This post was last modified: June 09, 2018 10:36:45am by phoenix.)
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rate list!!!!!
rn-Pokemon in color are obtainable for that price. From either Games Corner or Laboratory.rnrn-Base = Level 5. rnrn-These rates are not the 'official' rates as there is no official rate, you people can trade for what you like. Don't come crying to me if you get ripped off because you used my rates. You DON'T have to use this.rnrn-If a Pokemon is rated "N/A" it doesn't mean it's rated so much, it can't be rated, it just means that: someone has hoarded most of them so it's impossible to rate, or there are too many inactive/banned so rating them will be hard. Just trade for what YOU think it's worth.rnrn-This rate list is rated from Rarity, Popularity, Sprite, and amount of them that are active.rnrn-Staff members will have the right to change this at any time when I'm not online. I have PM'ed those staff members that can edit this.rnrn-Lastly, enjoy. rnrn-Use Ctrl + F to find specific Pokemonrn rn rn G = Genderlessrn M = Malern F = Femalern B= Basern UB= Unbasern + = The rate could be higherrnrnrn
HAUNTEDrnhaunterserperior N/Arnhaunterraichu N/Arnhauntermonferno N/Arnhaunterdrifblim N/Arnhaunterpyroar 400krnhaunterempardos 300krnhaunterirachi 300krnhauntebetterfree 200krnhauntershuppet 200krnhaunterarbok 150krnhauntergenger 180krnhauntermarowak 150krnhauntercharizard 120krnhauntermisdreavus 100krnhaunterrayquaza 100krnhaunterinfernape 95krnhauntertyranitar 95krnhaunteraggron (B)95k (UB)70krnhauntercobalion 70krnhaunterdialga 70krnhaunterpichu 50krnhaunterpikachu 35krnhauntertyrogue 30krnhaunterlitleo 30krnhaunterpsyduck 28krnhaunterglceon 25krnhaunterlapras 20krnhauntergastly 20krnhauntercarnidos 15krnhaunteraron 13krnhaunterscyther 13krnhaunteroshwott 10krnhauntercharmander 8krnhauntercaterpie 6krnhaunterraikou 6krnhauntersnivy 5.5krnhauntercelebi 5krnhaunterkeldeo 5krnhaunterdrifloon 4.5krnhaunterlarviter 4krnhaunterchimchar 4krnhauntermesprit 3.5krnhaunterhitmonlee 3krnhaunterfarfetchd 2krnhauntercubone 1k
ETERNALrnEternalraichu N/ArnEternalswampert 300krnEternalmegacharizard 200k rnEternalgiratina 180krnEternalmegamewtwo 160krnEternalpikachu 150krnEternalmewtwo GOD 120k rnEternalreshiram 130krnEternalentei 110k rnEternalteddiursa 90krnEternalcharmander 70krnEternalsuicune 65krnEternalduskull 60krnEternalabsol 40krnEternalmudkip 20k
DEMONrndemonzorua N/Arndemoncharmander N/Arndemonmewtow N/Arndemonbulbasaur 100krndemonregice 70krndemonvictini 40krndemonswablu 30krndemongolett 35krndemonshinx 28k rndemonsandlash 25krndemonoshwatt 20krndemonponyta 15krndemonbeldum 5krndemonsuicune 4.5krndemonleafeon 4k
rnrnrn[align=center]SHADOWrnshadowdarkrai N/Arnshadowmewtwo N/Arnshadowtornadus 200krnshadowduskull 200krnshadowgeodude 150krnShadowMagikarp 90krnShadowYanmask 80krnShadowVaporeon 80krnShadowDeoxys -rnShadowHo-Oh -rnShadowMegaGyarados rnShadowGible - rnShadowReshiram - rnShadowRaikou - rnShadowEevee - rnShadowGastly - rnShadowSableye - rnShadowCarvanha -30krnrnrnwork pending complete in few days rnrnrnrnrn rn rn

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