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Crafting Area and other updates

August 12, 2017 7:18:51pm (This post was last modified: August 12, 2017 7:24:12pm by CruZ.)
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Crafting Area and other updates

Crafting Update
With the new Crafting concept and adding a use to the Item - Fossil and Mining Area.
You can now access and start crafting/hatching your own Pokemon Eggs.
Currently only 2 Eggs are added in game, http://pkmnreborn.com/items/mega_egg.png Mega Egg and http://pkmnreborn.com/items/ancient_egg.png Ancient Egg !
Trainer gets 1 incubator at starting for hatching the egg, although he can upgrade and get more incubators for few coins.

  • A little staff update - Arceoxys promoted to Moderator and Rayven to Chat Moderator.
  • Mining Area has been reworked and updated.
  • Bug showing 47 years ago Last Online due to visiting Forums has been fixed.
  • Profile page bug fixed while viewing Banned user profiles.
  • More Evolution for the Pokemon using the Items has been added.
  • Account Settings are fixed (Theme option and change Email option).
  • Lagging on Pokemon Maps for few users has been fixed (With mini pokemon avatar following their trainer for Premium Users).
  • Showing random trainer avatar while battling a wild pokemon is removed.
  • Gradient Effect price has been decreased.
  • Rock Paper Scissor is recoded and released again.
  • Empty/Blank move issue has been fixed.

If you have known any other game bug which is not yet fixed kindly report it here - http://pkmnreborn.com/forums/forum.php?id=11

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