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Idea's for events/quests

June 30, 2017 12:16:21pm (This post was last modified: June 30, 2017 12:21:09pm by crazy0g.)
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Idea's for events/quests
First I'd like to introduce me self. I'm Crazy0G. I've been playing all the PokemonRPGs I could find. This one is different and I like it so hopefully I stay.

Idea 1 : Raids .
Well every one that plays games definitely knows what a "raid" is. So why not add a weekly raid on here? How ? Add a mighty Oddish [any Pokemon you want actually this is just an example]. And people can attack it every 10 minutes [makes the game more active]. Rewards aren't based on the damage but on amount of attacks [So new players with level 50 Pokemon have a chance to win it] The Mighty Oddish [again any Pokemon can be chosen] will have 9999999999 HP. So it will take hours to kill even with 10-15 people attacking it. And every attack gives a drop can be a Poke-ball or something else. First prize wins whatever you want to give as a prize.

Idea 2 : Quests .
Add random quests [not the collecting "insert Pokemon here" quests] but something like defeat "insert NPC" 5 times [any amount of times can be set]. Or WIN 10 50/50 gamble with GOLD or Lose 10 50/50 with coins. You probably know what I mean prizes can vary from Gold to coins to random Pokemon.

Idea 3 : Achievements .
There are like 12 Achievements in game at the moment if I'm not wrong. But It's like nothing else matters and you have nothing to do to fight for in the game. So adding more achievements will add more adventure. Here some examples :- Spend "insert amount of coins" in shops ! - Win 1000 battles - 2500 battles - 5.000 battles - Defeat Elite 4 , 30 times - 50 times - 100 times.- Get 5 Legendary Pokemon - 15 Legendary Pokemon - 50 Legendary Pokemon

The Quests and Achievements differ from each other but The quest can give you a chance to get the achievement with more prizes.

This is all what I could think of.

Thank you for your time.


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July 01, 2017 11:28:03am
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Nice Ideas. looks like it would be a nice addition :)

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