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The Level Cap.

June 18, 2017 10:08:45am
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The Level Cap.
Yes, I've complained many times about the cap and you're probably sick of it. I need to do this thread so i can express my opinions on the cap. The first point i want to make is that I don't think it will lower the morale of players in anyway. That's something i haven't heard of. Training can take up a lot of time and can be stressful sometimes, but not being able to get more levels than what you're supposed to IS the stressful part. Yes i know i still earn exp but earning exp won't give me anymore exp gain per battle. This might not be a problem for anyone else at the moment, but once more players hit 50k which there will be no doubt about that, this will be a problem. Thank you for reading and i would like to know if you agree or not. Share your ideas aswell on why the cap should or shouldn't be removed. emoji

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June 30, 2017 11:58:46am
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If the level cap is set to 50k. I think it is still to high.
Why? Let me elaborate.

As new players joining [I started 3 days ago] Leveling takes a while.
And while new players are joining [and there will be more] people want to reach a lvl CAP.
So upgrading now with only 15 players online [Max I've seen till now] wouldn't make sense because people will not join seeing every one is to high for them.

And as people see a variation of levels in game they think they will have a chance to reach that "goal".
While the moderator/owner of the game trying to add more quests/events or whatever those lower levels or starters will never have a chance to get a price.

As we can see now with the towers there isn't much I can do with my low level Pokemon and others with massive strong Pokemon always win the prize from it all I can do is sit and watch them get stronger while I struggle to get my Pokemon to a higher level.

There is much of content in game at the moment.
Giving the "older" players the chance to get an even further distance from the new players will just ruin the fun and people will stop joining.

Trust me on this I kinda had the same thing why my game died because I literally forgot about the new players joining in and no one actually said something about it.

Hope this makes clear why you could wait a little bit more for the increased lvl cap?

Thank you !


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July 01, 2017 11:25:41am
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Actually Crazy, Reborn/Dusk used to have no cap at all, until players complained.
But before then it actually made training enjoyable since there was more competition to see who could be the highest.
Those who hit lvl 50k feel that its unfair that they can't go any higher since it means once you're at 50k, just stop training lol.

The level cap will be up for debate I guess until CruZ can find a way to benefit both sides.

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July 01, 2017 3:42:25pm
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I agree about that Origin.
But don't you agree with the point that if you join a new game and you see every one with over level 50.000 and you think it is easy but after you start training it takes hours to get level 100+ without help wouldn't you quit?

And of course I agree that the maxed people will get bored when they have nothing to do but gamble and try catching Pokemon they already caught over 100 times.

But level cap is for both strong and weak players a problem.

Hoping on a proper solution

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