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Pokemon Reborn Guide
April 08, 2017 2:12:01pm (This post was last modified: August 09, 2020 2:52:57am by Raxzor.)
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Pokemon Reborn Guide
-=] Pokemon Reborn RPG Guide [=-

Currency - Money/Battle Points/Coins/Gems
These 4 are the currencies used in the game to buy and trade for certain items/Pokemon.
Money They’re not used for anything besides for buying Items, and travelling to other Towns/Regions.
Battle Points Currency used for the Battle Points Pokemon & Item Shops. They’re rewarded from beating Pokemon. Each time you beat a Pokemon you receive 1-3 Battle Points.
Some Battle Points Farming Methods –
  1. Battle Accounts with Level 5 Pokemon.
    • You will most likely one shot them.
  1. Battle (Elementary Trainers) Bug Catcher.
    • Use V-Create. Most effective as it gives reasonable amount of Exp as well.
Coins The main currency used to buy Pokemon, mainly Shinies and Coloured Pokemon. There are multiple ways to receive Coins such as minigames, Training, selling.
Some methods to get Coins –
  1. Mini-Games - Daily Raffle/Hitdown/Flip Coins/Haunted Grounds/Fishing Contest/Slots/Flip Coins.
    • Daily Raffle & Fishing contest can be done every 24 hours but only awards the 3 players. Fishing contests awards the 3 with the highest score.
    • Hitdown can be done every 6 hours but only awards the first 3.
    • Higher chance of winning at Flip Coins if you pick tails.
  1. Training - Battling NPCs/Battle Tower/Battle Point conversion.
    • For Battling NPCs to be effective, it is recommended to be in a clan. In Clan Rewads - there is an option to claim 10 Coins for 10,000,000 Clan Credits. Maximum Clan Credits possible to earn per Pokemon beaten is 409,016.
    • Battle Towers - Snorlax & Mew Tower reward the Player with the highest score with 500 coins each.
    • The Battle Point to Coin rate is 12 Points to 1 Coin. Example - 36 Points = 3 Coins. 120 Points = 10 Coins.
Gems Only obtainable from Donating and Buying Pokemon from Promo Center #1. It is used to buy Rare Pokemon from the Gems Shop. Currently untradeable.

Training - One of the aspects of the game.
I'd categorize that there are 3 types of difficulties/exp gains of NPCs: Easy, Medium & Hard
  1. Easy - Elementary Trainers, Intermediate Trainers, V.I.P Trainers
    • Best Trainers from each Trainer Tier = Bug Catcher, Swimmer Richard, Nurse Joy
    • Strongest move for each respectively = V-Create, Volt Tackle, Close Combat
  1. Medium - Professional Trainers, Zapmolcuno, Team Rocket
    • Best Trainers from each Trainer Tier = Santa, Zapmolcuno, None
    • Requires Toxic. V-Create & Blizzard are the next best moves to use.
    • Recommended to only battle the first Pokemon (Zapdos) of Zapmolcuno.
    • Beating Zapmolcuno rewards the Pokemon who did the final hit by replacing all moves (Except TM Moves) with Fly.
  1. Hard - Training Account(s), Pokemon Rangers
    • Best Trainers from each Trainer Tier = Dark Trainer, Summer (Most Right)
    • Requires Toxic. Megahorn, Earthquake, Volt Tackle are the next best moves to use.
    • Recommended to only battle the first 2 Pokemon of each Trainer.
*Note* If you don't have Toxic, a replacement is Sludge. It has a 50% Chance of Poisoning.

Types of Pokemon- Normal, Legendary, Shiny, Coloured.
How to obtain the 4 Types of Pokemon -
    Normal - Maps & Clan Rewards.
    • Only provides common Pokemon such as Aron, Arcanine, Golett.
    Legendary - Maps & Games Corner.
    • Requires 48 Gym Badges + Legendary Ball to catch Legendaries found on Maps.
    Shiny - Maps, Games Corner, Promo Center.
    • Can find Shiny versions of Map Pokemon. Does not apply to those from Clan Rewards.
    • Shiny Starters cost 150 coins each at Games Corner.
    • When purchasing a Legendary at Games Corner, you have a chance of it being Shiny.
    • Promo Center #2 sells a Shiny Promo most of the time.
    • When Random Swapping, you have a chance of it being Shiny.
    Coloured -Battle Points Shop, Gems Shop, Promo Center, Contests & Events.

    • There are Coloured Pokemon that range from 15,000 - 50,000 Battle Points available at the Battle Points Shop.
    • The Gems Shop offer Coloured Legendary Pokemon ranging from 45 - 65 Gems.
    • Promo Center #1 always sells Coloured Pokemon.
    • Contest Pokemon are only awarded to those who win the contest. (RPG Contest not Player)
    • Events such as Christmas and Halloween tend to have events where you can win Coloured Pokemon.

Pokemon Value - Rate Pokemon Sell/Trade for
Link to Rate list ->Rate List

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April 09, 2017 9:16:16am
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Nice guide, keep it up!

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November 19, 2020 5:34:26pm
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How can i get more poke balls and how do you evolve pokemon ?

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November 20, 2020 11:40:24pm
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In order to get more pokeballs, go to the Mart Co. under the "explore" tab. If you want to evolve pokemon go to your pokemon box (located in the left menu) and click "evolve pokemon." The requirements will be shown if applicable and there should be an "evolve" button for an evolveable pokemon.

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December 18, 2020 11:54:16am
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Do the Pokémon in this game have stats? If so, where do I see them? If not, it really should be added.

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December 19, 2020 12:02:38pm (This post was last modified: December 19, 2020 12:04:26pm by Raxzor.)
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Pls post your thoughts in the suggestions section of the forum.

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