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The Level Cap.
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The Level Cap.
June 18, 2017 6:08:45am
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The Level Cap.
Yes, I've complained many times about the cap and you're probably sick of it. I need to do this thread so i can express my opinions on the cap. The first point i want to make is that I don't think it will lower the morale of players in anyway. That's something i haven't heard of. Training can take up a lot of time and can be stressful sometimes, but not being able to get more levels than what you're supposed to IS the stressful part. Yes i know i still earn exp but earning exp won't give me anymore exp gain per battle. This might not be a problem for anyone else at the moment, but once more players hit 50k which there will be no doubt about that, this will be a problem. Thank you for reading and i would like to know if you agree or not. Share your ideas aswell on why the cap should or shouldn't be removed.

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